South Park Primary School

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Welcome to South Park Primary School. We are a large school with 820 very happy pupils and a strong ethos that aims to ensure that everyone feels valued and can learn to value others.
Our school provides a caring, nurturing and supportive environment.
Pupils have positive attitudes and want to learn. They are proud of their school and their achievements. Parents and carers, staff, visitors and pupils all agree that behaviour in class and around the school is good. (Ofsted 2014)
Underpinning all of our work are our school values:
Self-belief Perseverance Pride Success
These are at the heart of how we expect children to develop academically and socially as members of our community. To achieve this, the staff team at South Park Primary is committed to ensuring that pupils develop a passion for learning through a wide range of first had experiences. In spite of working in a building that is now over 100 years old, and as well as celebrating South Park’s varied and colourful past, we are also a forward looking school. Our ongoing aim is to continue to raise standards, achievement and increase rates of progress for all pupils so that children are well prepared for the next stages of their educational career. In an ever changing environment, we aim to reach out to our local, national and global community to ensure that children have a broad experience of all that the world has to offer.
Enjoy finding out more about our school!
Debbie Keigwin, Headteacher

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