Southborough High - Surbiton

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Southborough is a confident, dynamic school where students thrive both academically and socially. We are determined to ensure that all students achieve their absolute best in public examinations and are committed to high quality teaching and learning as the way to achieve this goal. However, we nurture and value other achievements, as well as exam success. Our students participate and excel in a wide range of extra-curricular, vocational and community based activities, which help them become well rounded young adults, ready for the challenges of twenty first century life. Southborough is also well known for the high quality of its pastoral care, which results in high standards of behaviour and very positive attitudes to learning. Our students tell us that they enjoy coming to school, where they are challenged by the work, supported by fellow students and teachers and where they feel that they make real progress.

19th January 2017

We have been using PMG as our uniform supplier since March 2012. We have been very impressed with their business-like approach, their prices, the quality of service and the high quality of the uniform. We are also impressed with their promise of a hardship fund to help provide uniform for students, whose families may find it difficult to afford uniform. We have used this on occasions and it has been very much appreciated by the families involved.

Our students really enjoyed being involved in the choice of uniform provider. They liked the quality of PMG uniform and their suggestions for the new style PE kit.

The staff at PMG are very professional yet friendly and approachable. They are always willing to be flexible. On occasions they have donated spare items of uniform to the school, which we have found to be very useful. The quality of the uniform is very good and our parents are happy to buy from PMG as the uniform is good value for money.

We have been and still are very happy to be in partnership with PMG.

Niall Smith, Headteacher, Southborough High School